2009-09-08 14:55:06 ET

i love my new job.i sit around all day hocking costumes and gag gifts and talking about comic books and shitty movies with my boss.whos pretty awesome,if not a little "too nice".

as in buy me lunch write me poems on facebook nice.

idk,this might get a little hairy,but we'll play by ear.

2009-10-05 20:49:34 ET

If I can offer you any advice at all, take advantage of that shit! ... seriously, free lunch / poems to laugh at with friends are always great!
see if he will help you pay your rent ;)

2009-10-16 12:44:55 ET

haaaa nooo.ive never really been that type of person.though i dont blame anyone who would

2009-10-20 18:59:11 ET

lol, I'd do it if I had the chance..

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