2005-04-01 06:32:00 ET

So I talked with one of the heads of my Religious Studies (who also happens to be one of my teachers who is rather fond of me) department yesterday about focusing my Religious Studies major down to primarily the topics of angels and demons. We weren't able to have a formal discussion about this but I did get scheduled for a meeting with him on Thursday at 1:15pm (D knows the significance of this number - which he scheduled, not me ^^).

Basically, it looks like I may be able to take a few classes that have those topics in them but there are no classes which deal primarily with them unfortunately. However, he did mention that I may be able to do some independent study which would be great too.

Ah, well, I'll know more about this on Thursday, but right now things are looking pretty good in the school department.

Now, if I could just get caught up with my costume commissions I'd be set... -_-;;

2005-04-03 21:08:08 ET

I'm kinda wondering what you would do with a major in Demonology and Celestiagraphy. Very interesting but.. yeah.

2005-04-03 22:29:14 ET

yeah, I have the exact same question.

2005-04-04 04:02:06 ET

Nothing, abso-fucking-lutely nothing actually. I am only even back in school to get my BA so that I can get the additional 10 points required for me and Lux to submit our application to get into the UK. So yeah, it's just a way for me to stay interested in school (because I am genuinely fascinated by angels and demons) and do well until I graduate really.

As far as employment goes, I plan to get a cosmotology degree in the UK and do that on the side while Lux and I do our graphic novel, D and I do our graphic novel, and I continue to make costumes.

Yes, I have it all planned out nicely. ^^

2005-04-04 18:13:28 ET

Fun stuff! :-)

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