Sin City RULED!
2005-04-08 03:50:57 ET

We went and saw Sin City last night and it was abso-fucking-lutely spectacular! It's definitely going on my favorite movies list! Just man, the style, the plots, the characters, the sex, the violence, the outfits, everything! That's all, I'm just in love with this movie!

2005-04-08 09:18:08 ET

Yes, and it kicked seven kinds of ass.

2005-04-08 13:00:58 ET

I might be seeing it soon, I have heard nothing but positive feedback concerning it.
Slide Rail: Really, can you name the seven kinds of ass it kicks? ~_^

2005-04-08 13:10:35 ET

1) Serial Killer
2) Mercenary
3) Cardinal
4) Hitman
5) Pedophile
6) Crooked Cop
7) Lackey

All of the above varieties of ass receive thorough and satisfying monkeystomping.

Oh yeah, it's also a very well shot film.

2005-04-08 13:55:47 ET

Indeed, my fav scene is the assassin who gets shot through the gut and is fine but is acting all surprised. Bwahahaha, I laughed so hard! Plus, religious nuts die and a rapist gets his nuts shot off and than ripped out! Awesome.

2005-04-08 18:38:27 ET

I also love the cel shading effects. That was good eye candy right there.

And Elijah Wood as a serial killer. That was interesting.

2005-04-15 10:14:13 ET

Wonderful it was, although no rollerskates. *snif*

2005-04-19 11:43:03 ET

I loved how gorey the movie was without showing alot of red blood. And holy shit Mickey Rook has never been so buff in his life. "Mommy, I wanna avenge dead hookers when I grow up"... A simply beautiful movie.

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