mohawk preview
2005-05-15 05:31:22 ET

So, I did it, I shaved my head and am now well on my way to having the mohawk I've been wanting for quite some time now.

Today we do the first bleaching and maybe a test spiking. Now, say you love it! Love it! ::shakes fist::

2005-05-15 05:36:00 ET

Looks great.
How many inches is it?

2005-05-15 05:48:15 ET

Thanks! It's about 4 inches at the shortest in the back and about 10 inches at the longest in the front. After I spike it I'll be able to tell if I need to even out the lengths at all.

2005-05-15 05:59:25 ET

W00t good luck with spiking it up, i just halved mine because i couldn't be bothered spending an hour to do it... it had become waaaay too annoying...

2005-05-15 07:03:23 ET

Well, I will probably end up cutting off a little bit of the length but probably not much, just enough to be even. And luckily, I have my husband to help me with standing it so it shouldn't be too much work.

2005-05-15 12:28:21 ET

I hate it, ah ha! Heh, no, I love it like I love Fresca! ~_^

2005-05-15 13:04:36 ET you love Fresca? O_o;;

2005-05-15 19:05:37 ET

Heh, no, that was a line from the Simpsons, silly mohawk girl! ;p

2005-05-16 02:09:28 ET

Ah crap, you mean I forgot a Simpsons' line?! The shame! ::hangs head in shame::

2005-05-16 13:53:05 ET

Yes, if we were not so close, I would have to say you could not be allowed to be my friend any longer. Heh, j/k, much love for Luci! ^_^

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