2005-05-20 15:36:00 ET

My husband's grandmother is in the hospital. This sucks...

2005-05-20 15:45:59 ET

that does suck.. what for?

2005-05-20 19:41:54 ET

Aw, well doll, if you need someone to talk to, it is never too late to give me a ring.

2005-05-20 21:30:00 ET

mrselfdestruct: She's suffering from emphysema. She's had it since she was young but this is the first time in 50+ years that it's affected her. And her doctor is a quack...seriously, he didn't even know that oxygen therapy is one of the primary treatments for it and he's supposedly been an emphysema specialist for 30 years.

D: Well, I'm online now and probably will be for a couple hours if you see this and want to talk. I finished the bw of a nice illustration that I am actually proud of. ^^

2005-05-21 02:54:16 ET

sucks, i already lost 2 grandparents...

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