2002-06-02 07:12:14 ET
I can float here eternally never touch the floor never leave your side hold on
come nearer, never leave me. Never desert me caress me.
I can float here forever never touch the floor never leave your side hold on
come closer, never leave me. Never abandon me feel me.
sigh i luv that line
fuck him I hate him I don't care anyways really I don't yea I do really want him to die no I don't I love him still no I don't I want him just to know I cared I want to know if he ever cared did he care did he know who I really was did he understand I thought he did maybe I was wrong I think I think I think I was just too dumb to realize it.

everytime i see him i can't help but want to cry or run away or hold him but whi i don't know and now he's never going to want me and i don't know who he did this and left me hear like this i think maybe i just might try to forget wht we had but i don't want to and at the same time i'd just like to move on completely but everytime i do he drops back into my world and tries to b "caring" then he just decides he's gonna leave me again.. whatever i need something more thn that

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