~mope~    2002-05-26 15:39:09 ET
Well yesterday was pretty damn fun... saw a old friend from way back when i was really really quiet and scured of everything.. he hasn't changed a bit it's really cool when ppl. don't change cuz too often u don't see someone for a week and BAM they have completely changed the way they are and decided to have a new improved line of friends.. that really blows.. WEll i don't change much my hair changes thats it and um i did become a lot louder over the past 2 years just cuz i'm trying to be a lil' more socially equipt.
Right now sux i'm bored outta my mind and vry vry lonely


i also decided to take some quizzes in my free time

Which Rock Chick Are You?

Take the What Type of Friend are
quiz, and visit mutedfaith.com.

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