never lose control    2002-05-24 13:16:10 ET
i laughed and shook his hand... argh i'm vry much distraught hehe hmmmm well it's friday i need 2 find sumthin that will occupy and amuse me. i'm kinda um trying to figure out how i feel i mean i appear to b hapy i guess on the outside it's kinda funny i sit at school with ppl and kinda laugh and "look" allright but then inside i'm kinda maybe uh incomplete or um empty or uh just kinda waiting for something to come along and change all that but i mean i know i can't just sit back and wait i need to um i guess have some ambition look that that special uh something there's a spider hanging from the ceiling.. it's really big and fuzzy i don'y have a problem with it but i'm guessing it will prolly bit me when i least expect it that happens.. my arm hurts pretty damn bad i was um climbing a tree for some reaon and this kid threw a rock at me he was just "playing around" i almost feel but not really i just kinda scraped myself up hehe good job well i'm gona depart i hear a person in my hallway

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