*cough*    2002-12-12 04:26:31 ET
well yesterday i had funin the snow yea and woke up this morning sick i guess thats the price i pay for playing in the snow anyways i'm really terribly ill so i didn't go 2 school and now i'm just siting working on my research paper for earth space listening to pumpkins
found pictures reminding me of days gone by, goood times.
and i was thinking i should dye my hair too...hmmmm dark pink? i dunno i am thinking about calling off work too.. hmmmm i dunno if brian(boss) would want me to b around him all sick and coughing all over the place.
ya know i had this terrible feeling that i was going to get sick.. i went to bed early in an attempt to maybe prevent it but alas it just wasn't enough.
"fool enough to almost be it
cool enough to not quite see it
pick your pockets full of sorrow
and run away with me tomorrow

we'll try and ease the pain
but somehow we'll feel the same
well, no one knows
where our secrets go"
from mayonaise-smashing pumpkins
oh i really love that song it's been soo long haven't listened to siamese dream actually since well before he left for india and hmm goodness

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