2002-11-30 14:37:34 ET
eh got new piercings go me
wow alot has been going on um my great grandmother dies at the age og 98 wow she lived a raelly long life and i'm not raelly upset about her passing i know her life was long and pretty good and long and she hasnt been feeling all that well for a few months i knew it would happen she died in her bed lived at home until the very end I love her and i'm going to miss her but i'm happy that she didnt have to suffer too much ya
spent time with a long lost friend was nice seeing him doing well hes gained weight looks good i'm happy for him we used 2 not se eye to eye (hes my ex) but now i think we have reached an understanding we just cant see eachother too often andthings ill b fine atleast hes clean well cleaner good stuff
lifes pretty crazyya know when it rains it fukin pours but theres always breaks in the clouds from timeto time
its snowin its cold
chris is in india where its 80 degreees haha
that is all folks
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