whining and overly upset over stupid shit    2002-11-03 08:20:45 ET
yay its my birthday no cake no presents no happy fukin birthday... nothing for me yay its wonderful get a fukin job geta fukin life stop fuking telling me what you want what you want go get a job and buy it your self
y dpont u just say grow up faster get the fuk out iof my life
i wish i wish i could do that ya know
but i cant grow up any fater than i al;lready am im sorry im a fukin burdenmom im sorry im a fukin loser wasting ur prescuois space time and money
i guess im going shopping she wont just give me money cuz shethinks ill psend it on drugs
fuk her
i hate this shit
im so pissed and i dont even want to leave my room
i guess im going job hunting on my fukin birthday yay..
god i love it

ugh sory for al that had 2 rant tho

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