2002-09-01 10:23:36 ET

I was born a million years before my time and about 5 years late..

I'm an ambitious yet I'm lazy and I procrastinate is that a contradiction?

im spritually confused and not at all ashamed. hmm it's 3:14 i finally got dressed i drank a pot of coffe im spinning and when i was a kif i ued 2 hear things yes i don't think i told nayone this before so hear me now:
as a child ina catholic school i used 2 sit alone alot cuz my dear frend moved away.. i used 2 hear whispering just audible enough to know it was there but never loud enough to understand wht they were saying and as time progressed the whispers turned to screaming and the walls would get taller and the shadows would stretch and then right as i reached that breaking point it would stop.. never hough it was important and after i started 4th grade it stopped but sometimes i get that wierd feeling that the room is expanding and growing raound me but its seldom and usually wjen im just laying in bed wasa a scizzo 5 year old or was it all a figemnt of my imagination that ceased to exist when my child hood innocense came to a hault? food 4 though

well hmm i'm listening some very glorious nick cave and the vad seeds and ithink theres some uh i dunno trip hop on there somewhere i think im going to go uh hmmm to the store and buy uh i dunno somethig that smells good lol
c ya later alligator

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