my head hurts    2003-01-22 08:30:04 ET
this morning i woke up at 7 am to get ready for school.
i turned on the lamp walked downstairs and into the bathroom i look in the mirror washed my face and adjusted the ring in my nose wen suddenly i got really dizzy, disoriented and nauseated. Next think i know i'm laying on the bathroom floor feeling realy fuzzy and shaken up. I got up and just wnt upstairs to my room. My ears were ringing wel it was a combination of ringing and static and it was really loud and unbearable. There was no one home at my house cept my brother and sister all younger than me.
i just layed in bed and eventually the feeling went away but i still am a lil confused as to y i blacked out. it has only happend once before exactly the same way but i was at my friends apt.
i'm a lil scared. i dunno if its serious but it cant be normal..

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