2002-06-12 11:47:02 ET
u knw i don't like beig touched i hate it unless i'm like cmofotable with the individual i hate being smacked around i hate being stuck somewhere with no where to go especially when only a few weeks ago i had dozens of getaways i don't like it when my family calls me stupid or sauys i'm a loser i mean im not stupid i get goo d grades allright i failed math buut come on everything else was an a so and its not evevn that i mean its like i cant handle this shit argh i'm distreessed and im not lookin for attention or anything jusy getting things out cuz i have no one to talk to right now because everyone i can currently handle being around or hasnt disappeared is MIA and maybe its better thatt way i mean like i really would tell my friendswhat was bothering me if they wre here i'm not the type of person to d that i'm vry concealed unless theright person coaxes it out of me.. and i hate pepole that talk shit behind my back especiaky when they r talking shit to ppl i just introduced them to. i mean this dude was talking crap 2 ppl he just met i mean ppl he just met bcuz of me n he was talkin shit to them thses r peoplewho have known me a while lets see whos side wodd they b on... lol i think i just smiled well things arent hopeless and im optimistic this has just been a rather bad week...

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