2002-09-21 09:25:59 ET

Last nigt seems very unreal wel lfirst off i was very tired soo tired that i cut my night short and decided to head home .
car went out of control got out to see and wow it was so cloe to the tree i mean like another inch and shit would have been so much worse it was rainaing heavily and wow i didnt even really know what happend until i woke up this morning like oh shit i as that close. of course i asnt driving nad thedriver was ina state of shock instantly well cuz he was driving and i'm just so lucky i thank whoever it is up there or wherever wow.
time to go get coffee

2002-09-21 10:11:56 ET

It's cool to see you back! You don't post so much anymore. =(

2002-09-21 10:38:48 ET

Hey, this has nothing to do with anything, but I like your drawings!

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