2002-10-21 04:54:24 ET

im at school wooooo yea thats all just at school "learning"

2002-10-21 06:11:42 ET


2002-10-21 09:40:13 ET

the computers r supergreat at my school though...

2002-10-21 10:05:28 ET

at my school computer sucks :(
they're slooooooooooooooow!!

2002-10-21 10:27:24 ET

eh we got these new computers for selling our souls 2 the sum big shots at uh some corporartion and shit i dunno our school sux cept for those computers they rock

2002-10-21 10:28:03 ET

ok they waxed the floors well just the 1st floor in front of the main entrance and office so t looked good right there haha

2002-10-26 07:42:37 ET

fun n school n stuff!

On the bright side, I'm doing nothing with my life as of yet!

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