watching cars
2002-12-06 17:21:15 ET

so i sit here waiting for something to happen i guess someone is coming to visit me i threw my phone somewhrere it just would not stop ringing and no one had anything good to say ..
blah blah blah uh huh yea
i can only say yea cool so many times before my mouth gets dry and i begin to feel bitter..LOL
so i decided to tidy up the room theres just too much space i need clutter lol more furniture... uh i dunno i was going to get this big wooden elephant table from my friend he's moving into a much smaller living space and wants to unload all his junk on me
well currently listening to joy divisions smash hit LOVE will TEAR us APART
any joy division fans out there???

2002-12-06 18:29:35 ET


Wow, ..this post was.. weird... Were you on drugs?

2002-12-06 19:10:56 ET

drugs me oh no way.
really i wasn't under the influence of any drugs honest

2002-12-06 19:13:28 ET

Yeah, really, sure, we believe you ;)

2002-12-06 19:17:02 ET

hey what was so wierd about it anyways??lol

2002-12-06 19:18:48 ET

uhm, the incoherent rambling thing going on, I think :D

btw, did you hear squarepusher's cover to love will tear us apart? It's cool. Very... different. For Squarepusher, that is ;)

2002-12-06 19:20:19 ET

oh yea i heard it good stuff
i often incohrently ramble but never post it cuz i feel its merely incoherent rambling lol but then i thought to myself y not man!

2002-12-06 19:29:24 ET

good fer you, then ;)

Ugh, I must sleep now. :) nightynight or morning or whatever

2002-12-10 12:19:44 ET

I love joy division

2002-12-10 15:07:01 ET


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