2002-12-07 11:12:46 ET

So i couldn't sleep last night
i usually don't sleep though
i have reoccuring dreams that my teeth are falling out and i wake up being aching teeth and i go and brush my teeth for insane amounts of time...
i have had one cavity in my life and the dentist always says "good job ur teeth's r clean" but i till dream of losing them always hmm i should look up the meaning of that
i also dream that i am bleeding to death from cuts on my hands and fingertips and bloods just pouring out
i always dream in color but i ony dream ike once a month
i have those kinda dreams that when you wake up your are so sure it raelly happend like u look raound like man i'm so sure that was real.
its after 4 pm i am still not dressed been eating ice cream delivered to me from my friend who work at baskin robbins mmm free ice cream good stuff lol
the end

2002-12-07 11:16:22 ET

heh heh. .. . I like your freeflowing writing, ya know?

Hmm... I had a weird dream last night (or, rather, this morning, since I didn't fall asleep until around 8:30)... I'm not sure what the narrative was, but it uncluded people I haven't seen in ages... Weirdness.
I usually never remember dreams.

2002-12-07 13:22:55 ET

i rarely sleep and hwen i do honesty its usually drug induced or just i cant keep going so i sleep and well
i think wierd dreams well dreams in general have a siginigant meaning i just donrt reallyunderstand the conceot clearly yet prolly never will

2002-12-07 16:16:52 ET

i had a dream that flies were eating my eye once. :(

2002-12-08 00:44:54 ET

Okay, last time I surf before going to sleep. I dreamt about some members...

2002-12-09 13:13:06 ET

Ung! I hate teeth-related dreams. I always wake up and have to poke about to check it's all there.

2002-12-09 13:17:39 ET

lol they r soo scary i fera my teeth will one day be missing when i wake up

2002-12-09 13:42:07 ET

I think the only way to prevent that is to not sleep ever again ;)

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