2002-12-09 13:04:29 ET

you ever thought you found someone soo great nad easty to talk to and all around amazing that you are scared?

2002-12-09 13:32:04 ET


2002-12-09 15:13:46 ET

turn that frown upside down

2002-12-09 16:22:50 ET

Yea, i think so. I got over it quickly... As should anyone else in the same position

2002-12-09 20:07:32 ET

goood advice i think its juat a natural reaction

2002-12-10 10:03:16 ET


2002-12-10 12:18:01 ET

Get over the scared part or the thinking it's great part? haha

2002-12-10 12:54:37 ET

whichever comes first???

2002-12-10 12:54:38 ET

whichever comes first???

2002-12-10 13:13:29 ET


2002-12-10 15:08:05 ET

yep yep. i think i'm over it (scared part(a lil'))

2002-12-10 15:22:33 ET


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