still dumb
2002-12-14 11:55:58 ET

hahahahaha ok last night i had some folks over rather late like um i do it all the time but well for some reason my mom was angry at me i dunno and sat up and made a scene well anyways my friends didnt leave i ws like man you r crazy go 2 bed and continued up 2 my room with people behind me she usually doesnmt say much to me well yea and today she says i don't like you or your thug friends.. thug???? man i wish i was a thug hahahahaa hmm ok they r thug? anyways of course i couldnt keep my mouth shit THUGGS HOW ARE THEY THUGS MOM??? I DONT UNDERSTAND YOU"RE REASONING
grrr haha anyways i was like would r tarather have me on the streets at night atleast im in my room being good oh well
i think shes just angry cuz she actually has 2 work now that my dad got his hours cut at work
oi vey
shes still a kid doesnt know what shes doin LOL

2002-12-14 11:58:42 ET

my moms kind of down on my friends sometimes too...but never calls them "thugs". that's's are funny.


2002-12-14 12:18:17 ET

lol yea its just i never thought of my friends at thugs in almost made me giggle cuz they r not very thug at all lol

2002-12-14 12:36:08 ET

i'm a "thug" according to my friends parents.

2002-12-15 19:22:45 ET

I look like a caveman. but my friend's parents all trust me.

my mom is a kid, too, though at least she was always cool about my friends.

and my sister's friends. even the ones that WERE thugs.

one night, I came home through the back foor, and there were four huge black guys sitting around playing my playstation. they were like "hey Dave, what's up?" and I was all "who the hell are you guys?" "we're friends of Ali's" "oh. good night." and hten I went up to bed.

2002-12-16 06:15:47 ET

LOL oh my that would be odd..

2002-12-16 06:17:29 ET

big black guys in the house playing video games...whoa baby, that's scary...


2002-12-16 07:09:02 ET

it would have been sexy if it was Vasa ;_;

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