seeking something
2002-12-16 06:52:30 ET

ok so i dyed my hair very very black a couple minutes ago its not very much different than before i guess well maybe it quite dark now so i decided i should bleach a bunch achunks of my hair and dye em red like er blood red cuz well i like red hair and shit
ok so i'm still very sick haha whats new but i have this crazy cough thedeath cough as chris puts it. i am very pale i mean the remaining pigmentation of skin has just got up and gone damn.. and its getting more and more evident that i rarely sleep lol well dying my hair more wonderful ay? nah i'm just at home being bored waiting for some one anyone to call me like hey!!! mind if i stop by?? eh i dunno oh yea nad i gotta bunch arecords friday cuz i kinda collect em being the vintage dork that i am
here are a few that i am happt to have found
David bowie-the ris and fall of ziggy stardust
i now have every doors album :)
hendrix band og gypsies
and um led zeppelin soundtrack to the movie woo that is all i can name off hand i have a huge crate filled with records 98% are good the rest r just i dunno random things that ot thrown in its al good though i have a corner of my room with shelves and crates of records and my turntables
my mum is gettin rather angry she says i need 2 rid myself of pointless junk that collects dust i think i need more junk to collect duust cuz my room isnt cluttered enough ;)

2002-12-16 06:59:42 ET

black hair and vinyl collectin'...sounds awesome.


2002-12-16 07:16:50 ET

I dyed my hair black a few years ago, with plans to add red. so I had to bleach bits... but I didn't bleach them til they were white, and they ended up gold somehow. so I left it, and had black and gold hair. it was interesting

2002-12-16 07:26:15 ET

also, I didn't say so the other day, when I first noticed them; but I'm loving the new pictures :)

2002-12-16 08:15:59 ET

oh thanks yea thats wht i' am bout to do bleach chunks and dye em red and maybe a few pink anything red toned cuz it seems to look kid since my eyes r big and brown and as a kid i always wanted to b naturaly red haired with green eyes go figure..

2002-12-16 10:15:55 ET

Autobauhn's a great little album 'cause the song "Autobahn" is like 20 minutes long. I like the's got them straight kickin it in the back seat of some car and the one guy looks all Manson-hippy-style. I would do PCP with Kraftwerk.

2002-12-16 10:27:33 ET

LOL yea i am glad i found it i got like 75 records 4 um like 4 bux woohooo

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