2002-12-21 07:40:56 ET

OOH geez i am going to india this summer.
i allready got it planned
oh my
its so far away
i feel anxious allready

2002-12-21 07:42:19 ET

thats awesome

2002-12-21 08:03:36 ET

yea well my good friend i mean realy good close great friend moved to indi a 11-19 and since i've felt a bit incomplete ya know and i watto go see him and sight see i might go with another friend of mine as well man i can't wait :) oh ye and i wil b stopping in london woohoo oh gosh i am on a strict budget now

2002-12-21 08:05:33 ET

Have fun. one tip. don't drink any water unless it is bottled. You will get sick as I and many of my co-workers did :P

2002-12-22 10:00:51 ET

awesome. Don't do anything I wouldn't do!

2002-12-29 09:59:10 ET

Niiice. India and London? * envies *

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