2002-05-23 16:26:04 ET

I'm Always Excusing Myself But Now it's Getting Hard To Tell the Reason Why I Even Care Increasingly I'm Unaware Instead Of Bettering Myself I'm Crawlin' Deeper In My Shell The Whole Point That I Am Alive Seems To Escape Me At This Time I Think Too Much Nothing Too Much I've Never Known How To Behave I've Never Strayed Far From The Grave I Need To Get Up Off The Ground To Force Myself To Make A Sound

2002-05-23 16:44:24 ET

songs and poems will always bring out our inner feelings.
especially the ones that come from the heart.

the empty sound of hate can always be heard within us all,
imminating a sorrowful sound to drive us deeper into blissful circumstances.
Glory be to those that find it.
And glory be to those that can burn it and not regret it when they do.

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