2003-01-16 05:46:37 ET

so i get out of school early for the next week. finals yay.

my house is very quiet all the kids r in school my mom os asleep

so i have been really busy doing noting well lets think the 9th i went to columbus to see cursive. um. i work quite a bit and um just wander about it's soo cold outside it was snowing yesterday. um. my shirt cost a quarter. i haven't been able to sleep for more than 45 minutes straight for like 3 weeks uh. i'm soo dull my hairs soo dirty uh i have nothing of any meaning to say so i'll stop now

2003-01-16 06:20:57 ET

hey Rachel my insomnia buddy.

2003-01-16 06:57:01 ET

i love it when you ramble

*_* (big cheesey smile)

2003-01-16 08:34:32 ET

heh insomnia breeds rambling LOL i ramble alot nd usually the response is huh u talk too much

2003-01-17 07:51:16 ET


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