2003-08-06 11:51:02 ET

nothing new to report captain!

2003-08-06 12:21:08 ET

Well it's about time you posted...

2003-08-06 12:56:03 ET

Yeah I never have anything to say on this site. nobody really talks to me hahh

2003-08-06 14:27:26 ET


2003-08-09 20:09:33 ET

I talk to you....

2003-08-10 09:40:10 ET

one of the few dear. there's like... 3 people. lol
maybe 3.

2003-08-10 14:37:02 ET

No one talked to my when I first joined, but I wasp ersitant. Now...I mgiht have like 10 LOL

2003-08-11 02:46:02 ET

well you're hot. you should have tonnes!
Most of the people are from the states too. so enh.

2003-08-11 04:42:27 ET

Yeah most of the people all hang uot together in cliches in real lfie and they all joined on SK. I don't think I've ever met a single person from here in real life.

2003-08-11 13:12:54 ET

The only people i've met off of here I already knew somewhere else, so I doubt that counts.

2003-08-17 14:03:19 ET

I love you Adam come back

2003-08-17 15:22:13 ET

i'm nto gone......

2003-08-17 15:24:48 ET

I never get to talk to you anymore...

2003-08-18 03:20:12 ET

Yeah I'm not online for long periods of time anymore so most people don't seem to catch me unless they actually make some sort of effort to talk to me...

2003-08-18 07:53:10 ET

Will my ICQ isn't working and you neve pop up on AIM...therefore I havn't gotten a chance to talk to you.

2003-08-18 08:59:15 ET

I get to talk to you :) I feel so special.

2003-08-18 09:43:27 ET

oh goody goo...*lol*

2003-08-18 14:07:46 ET

Yeah I haven't seen you on AIM in centuries...

I've been sleeping such weird hours lol

2003-08-18 14:15:20 ET


2003-09-02 13:31:40 ET

*talks to you*


2003-09-03 05:59:52 ET

hello there!

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