2003-09-05 06:35:22 ET

I finally changed some picture stuff around on this site.....

2003-09-05 06:52:18 ET


2003-09-05 08:40:21 ET

*chuckles* thank you...

2003-09-05 10:41:23 ET

AGH your new avatar is super hot, you fucking Canadian bastard.

Why not Virginia?

2003-09-05 10:54:21 ET

cuz it's just better up here... with us "canadian bastards"

but thanks! ;)

2003-09-05 14:13:34 ET

Wow...now moving to Canada makes the trip so much nicer...I shall have fun with adam! *cyberhumps* Oh yeah...you look hot...just in case no one tells you. lol

2003-09-05 14:14:42 ET

good looking photo

2003-09-05 14:15:32 ET

All of these girls grabbing my adams attention...what to do what to do! lol lol

2003-09-05 16:04:11 ET

aww. but you get him in person.

2003-09-05 16:39:37 ET

I will...he will be all mine *strange look* lol Well I will share..I just want him for his hot...skinny...pale ass!

2003-09-05 21:04:59 ET

Not to put a damper but you look ill.
You're still a beautiful boy, though.
A great deal of those photos just arent flattering, though.

2003-09-05 21:33:43 ET

heh... oh stacey. good times shall be had. maybe you can make me pretty!

i look ill... that's awesome. means i've reached a delicious palor.

2003-09-05 21:48:37 ET

Yay! for ill men...you are already pretty!!!! And yes grand times shall be had!

2003-09-05 22:08:35 ET

Well, Im glad you werent offended.
I was just giving my $.02.

2003-09-06 07:17:41 ET

it'd be pretty sad if i got offended by a comment like that...
i'm sure i do look kinda sick sometimes. for all i know i could be sick! but if it helps me keep my skin all pretty, i've no complaints.

2003-09-06 07:58:24 ET

Good point.
At least you dont have to work at keeping your skin clear.
I dont know any males that have to work at that.
You bastards!

2003-09-06 08:16:30 ET

Well, most of us just really don't care...

2003-09-06 08:50:46 ET

But you still manage to have perfect skin.

2003-09-06 09:10:08 ET

I have never really worked at it...I just keep my skin clean...you know..no dirt no blemish!

2003-09-06 09:11:17 ET

It's just an illusion dear. I still get acne... just not 'bad' acne. and there's the whole hair issue.. just that the standard for guy's skin is less than that of a woman's

2003-09-06 09:11:59 ET

*licks adams head* mmmm tasty. lol

2003-09-06 09:13:04 ET

I most likely taste/smell like smoke.

2003-09-06 09:16:22 ET

Oh well...my taste buds are shot to hell anyway...my wife and I ate an entire package of sour lifesavors between ue!

2003-09-06 09:22:13 ET

That's it? hah.. your taste buds are weak!

2003-09-06 09:24:30 ET

Yeah...they are...don't make fun of them...they are *highly sensitive* lol

2003-09-06 09:26:33 ET

and how!

i wish i had sour lifesavers...

2003-09-06 09:27:50 ET

Give me your addy again and i will mail you a *i love adam* package

2003-09-06 09:30:27 ET

phone - (519) 453-1092
mail- adam urbach
1720 trafalgar st
london ontario canada
n5w 1x3

now anyone who comes in here can have it lol

2003-09-06 09:38:03 ET

okie dokie hun! I am going to get you stupid stuff to make you giggle!

2003-09-06 09:38:54 ET

That's the kinda stuff I like... *smooch*

2003-09-06 09:40:09 ET

you live dangerously.
or maybe you like female stalkers, hmm?

2003-09-06 09:42:01 ET

Never had a stalker really. What're they gonna do? sit outside my window and watch me jerk off? Like it'd matter to me. I'd be more apt to invite them in. I like company.

2003-09-06 11:04:40 ET

i've never had a stalker either.. sounds fun.

2003-09-06 11:18:35 ET

yeah if someone wants to stalk me, that's just fine...

2003-09-06 11:48:30 ET

I don't have to sit out the window...I come in and watch! lol
So I went to the store to buy you stuff for your care package...and I found you InstaZoo...its like a sea monkey...but it is an entire ZOO!!!!

2003-09-06 11:51:24 ET

That sounds... kinda frightening. but funny!
you're not supposed to ruin the surprise though. lol

2003-09-06 11:55:31 ET

Thats just one thing...I found shit that no one in this world would want to get in the mail...lol...so I am sending it Monday before I go to school.

2003-09-06 11:56:54 ET

This is definately going to be amusing. *squeeze*

i love getting stuff in the mail.

2003-09-06 12:00:55 ET

So like...I found an apartment and I put a deposit down...so like...I have to come to Canada now...otherwise I loose money. So you can come to my apartment and I can do your makeup until the sun comes up!

2003-09-06 12:10:30 ET

that's neat..... where are you gonna be staying?

2003-09-06 12:14:32 ET

In an apartment...your a dumbass...I think I might keep the zoo...cause in your hands they might all die...lol

2003-09-06 12:16:23 ET

*hangs head* i wanted specifics! obviously in an apartment! *kicks you*

2003-09-06 12:26:44 ET

Hahahaha. *kicks you back*

2003-09-06 12:29:09 ET

*raspberry* fine dont tell me ! lol

2003-09-06 12:31:57 ET

*bites your tongue* w00t w00t...I win!!!!!! I will tell you later...lol!

2003-09-06 12:36:22 ET

alrite... *is hungry*

2003-09-06 16:58:50 ET

*feeds Adam*

2003-09-06 23:31:25 ET

Wow...I am going to live 3.75 minutes away from you!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha maybe I might not wanna live there...it looks scary from the pictures.
19 Marmora St
London, ON
N5Z 1Z4, CA

2003-09-07 00:08:20 ET

oooh im so gonna look where that is lol

2003-09-07 00:14:06 ET

oooh. you're totally only a half hour walk from my place. you're just a couple blocks down from geoff... i go see him all the time.

2003-09-07 00:32:06 ET

w00t w00t...we can play dress up and doctor all the time...lol

2003-09-07 09:49:10 ET

lol! that's going to be rather entertaining

2003-09-07 10:36:34 ET

I would say so!

2003-09-07 12:42:59 ET

even if you are living in the ghetto... lol

2003-09-07 12:55:40 ET

lol...oh yeah baby...Canadian Ghetto! But I don't know if I am going to live there or not. There are a few other places that I can stay.

2003-09-07 13:14:01 ET

well make up your damn mind! lol

it's one of the many ghettos in london. not that they're anything like an american ghetto. they're just 'poor housing' and dirty people. meh.

2003-09-07 13:33:23 ET

Yeah my friend stayed there...i might just stay on campus or go through the school for housing

2003-09-07 13:37:19 ET

yeah then you'll end up just down adelaide somewhere. maybe richmond. but probably adelaide.

2003-09-07 15:53:29 ET

Maybe either way!

2003-09-07 21:19:44 ET


2003-09-07 21:27:03 ET

*smooches* me wuvs strange adam...in a weird no relationship way!!!!

2003-09-08 05:38:20 ET

*grins* that's a good thing.

2003-09-08 07:47:45 ET

Yea cause the idea of actually liking you makes a few flings unfun. I mean if I am trying to use you for sex I can't actually like you. lol

2003-09-08 14:09:10 ET

*laughs* sure you can, you just cant love me. which is fine since i'm pretty wary of love

2003-09-08 14:31:42 ET

I dont love you I wuv you...there is a difference!!!!!! You are my friend with benifits...and I am okay with that.

2003-09-08 21:07:19 ET

yeah i know the difference!

2003-09-08 21:08:21 ET

Yeah bitch get on AIM...I haven't talked to you in days!!! And thi is getting boring. lol

2003-09-09 04:06:24 ET

lol... i have just been coming on here before and after work, haven't really had time to sit and chat for long

2003-10-14 12:16:43 ET

Yeah it's a little late to join in the fun but your avatar is absolutely gorgeous :)

2003-10-16 04:31:24 ET

heh thanks..... i love B&W photos

2003-10-16 10:43:19 ET

Don't make his head bigger then it already is...he knows he is gorgeous!!! *lol*

2003-10-16 14:29:26 ET

But everynoe needs rememinders once and awhile

2003-10-16 14:39:52 ET

I know...I am only playing. I think I tell him everytime I see him.

2003-10-17 14:57:30 ET

yeah i need to get more photos done....... once i dye my hair again

2003-10-18 08:23:34 ET

You should go back to your natural color just to scare everyone!

2003-10-18 14:07:14 ET

i dont think I could do that... Im not cutting my hair, and it would take years to grow it out

2003-10-18 15:47:46 ET

Okie dokie. I don't think I could actually see you with short hair or all blonde. That would be weird. It wouldn't be Adam.

2003-10-18 19:47:09 ET

Yes NEVER cut your hair Adam. Long hair is awesome.

2003-10-19 08:33:36 ET

I look kinda funny with short hair. now, i can pull off the keanu reeves hair sometimes... but i still prefer the long hair.

2003-10-19 10:06:50 ET

You are def. more attractive with long hair...your pretty either way...but I have only seen you with shorter long hair...not short short.

2003-10-19 21:32:30 ET

yeah all my short short haired pictures are of me when i was fat anyways

2003-10-19 21:37:37 ET

Actually I have seen you, cause I remember you showed me fat alex pictures!

2003-10-20 05:09:18 ET

who's alex? lol

i think i'm getting fat again too

2003-10-20 06:51:59 ET

Not alex I ment Adam. sorry!!! I am being weird lately

2003-10-20 13:44:24 ET

cant even say my name when it's right there! that's love for ya.. lol

2003-10-20 13:51:59 ET

Yeah yeah yeah...I was blinded by your beauty. You know I wuv you...*vomits on love*....LOL!!!!

2003-10-20 14:13:11 ET

oooh vomit! sexy~

2003-10-20 15:28:24 ET

Damn straight!!!!

2003-10-21 04:42:18 ET

ugh. 4 hours sleep. at best..

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