2003-09-25 18:31:36 ET

I've been working at my friend's store for a couple weeks now. It has it's entertaining moments. I basically spend a good part of my day doing that, and then eating and hanging out with ralph, and then sleeping.

I took some pills to fix my head, and they've done ok so far. they're done already though and i'm onto the next stage. it's fun seeing if i can fix my own problems. stupid useless doctors...

2003-09-25 19:39:23 ET

Yay! ADAM!!! okay done.

2003-10-30 05:14:13 ET

you wearing a scarlet letter on your jacket?

2003-11-01 09:09:36 ET

*chuckles* Yeah, I had one on there for a little while. It entertained me.

2003-11-01 11:43:44 ET

funny i was just talkin about tattooing one on myself

2003-11-02 14:16:26 ET

well if the glove fits!

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