2003-11-01 10:14:37 ET

There's a few new pictures in the webcam gallery, from last night's little halloween blast. not that you can really tell how i looked, since my cam sucks. and you can't really see how pretty the shirt is... *shrugs*

In other news, yes i'm alive... and unemployed again. So I might be here a little more often. until i decide i need a job again (which'll probably be soon, since i'm poor)

2003-11-01 11:28:02 ET

Yeah your cam does sorta blow! You can kinda see that the shirt is a pretty one. Sorry that you are unemployed again!

2003-11-01 12:12:30 ET

gl finding a jobb

2003-11-05 10:27:03 ET

*agrees with schlagzeug*

..and a decent job at that.

2003-11-05 18:02:26 ET

I don't see the decent job happening!

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