2003-11-25 09:38:44 ET

I went down to windsor again for a freak show. It was alrite, and it was nice to see my friends again. I then came home to dance the night away, and take care of my really really obscenely drunk friend. Now, here's a little lesson in logic from my parents. I'm not allowed to have a girl sleep in my bed, but I am allowed to sleep with them downstairs in the basement. Makes absolutely no sense to me! Especially since bed's are for sleeping (and when you own a waterbed, sleeping is about the best and only thing to do on it). Other than that there hasn't been anything going on for me. I need to get a job, possibly kill many people/myself. Maybe bathe in their blood for warmth. Hey, that thought gave me a chill... very nice! Anyways, I'm going to go eat something that isn't a rice krispy square.

2003-11-25 09:41:06 ET

parents are funny that way.

2003-11-25 09:47:38 ET

If they could've given me a valid reason as to why I shouldn't, then it would be perfectly fine. Simply saying they don't think it's right and it makes them uncomfy... just doesn't seem enough for me. That just makes me want a further explanation!

2003-11-25 09:48:02 ET

See...so how am I suppose to hide in your bed if your parents are going to make sure that there aren't any girls in it. Shheessshhh the logic of people.

2003-11-25 09:50:44 ET

*LAUGH* sin, you rock.

adam- mine pulled the same bullshit on me when I was at home. It's just stupid and makes no sense whatsoever.

2003-11-25 09:52:00 ET

My parents just pretend nothing is happening. They are the type that look the other way. Adam could walk around my house naked and I could be dead in my bed...and my parents would offer adam something to drink!

2003-11-25 09:53:48 ET

They don't actually check my room for girls. They just knew we were in there because they heard more than one person (we also talked a bit, so i'm sure they heard her voice) and they saw us come out of there. I don't feel I should have to 'sneak' people in and out of my room.. blah.

and yes, it definitely makes no sense. I've done it so many times before, and they bitch at me every time. You'd think they'd give up by now!

2003-11-25 09:54:12 ET

Man. I'm comin to your house. corpse sex AND a drink!

2003-11-25 09:56:26 ET

Hell yeah! Come on over!!! Cause obviously nothing is happening at your house...its cold there and I am not having wild sex with you in the basement.

2003-11-25 09:58:13 ET

But it's easier to have wild sex in the basement... Which reminds me! I need to bring the blankets back down here. Someone threw them on my head while I was sleeping upstairs. I think it was cuz I left them out on the floor. So instead of waiting til I awoke to tidy, they tossed them on me. I also need to turn the fire on.

2003-11-25 10:00:10 ET

It is easier to have wild sex there..but also terribly cold. But then again...its easier then on your water bed!

2003-11-25 10:14:24 ET

That's why I need to get the fireplace going. and wild sex in a waterbed is just as sweaty as a summer night. trust me.

2003-11-25 11:09:16 ET

hmmm I guess that is true! Get the fire going then.

2003-11-26 11:37:35 ET

yeah the fireplace is pissing me off. it only came on once! the rest of the time it's just been turning on the fan. not the fire. i want fire!

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