2003-11-29 08:33:41 ET

I think i've decided that if I didn't eat cookies, I'd be dead. I swear it's the only thing in this house that I can eat anymore. and even then it's often a stretch when my mom makes these little experimental cookies. not like i'm all that hard to please when it comes to food. I can hope that she at least bought some cheese...

2003-11-29 08:38:22 ET

is her cooking that bad?

2003-11-29 08:40:14 ET

Sometimes her cooking is just fine. It's just that one gets very very very bored of 'meat veggie potato' every damn day . especially when you don't really like to eat potatoes, and your taste for pork is waning. But it's not just dinner that's the problem. It's the lack of food here for all of my other meals.

2003-11-29 08:43:42 ET

Do you ever cook?

2003-11-29 08:47:39 ET

eep. I have to cook. If I ever wanted to survive. I'll often end up cooking for everyone, cuz she's not home, or is being a cunt. Most of the time I'll just cook for myself though. Since most people don't enjoy my tastes.
I eat alot of eggs.

2003-11-29 08:55:13 ET

Eggs are tasty.. but I can only deal with them in small doses.

I -LOVE- to cook.. but while I'm living with my in-laws, I don't really get the opportunity. They only like traditional Chinese food (most of which I'm allergic to).. so it's an interesting situation.

2003-11-29 08:56:43 ET

They're not so experimental?

I think I'd have alot of trouble with traditional chinese food myself. Seeing as 90% of the ingredients they use I find disgusting. lol

2003-11-29 09:08:13 ET

Not at all.

And yeah, that's another point. I mean, my mother in law is a vegetarian too.. but some of the ingredients she uses are just BLAAARRRRGGGHHH.
I mean, sea sponge? no thankyou. fish eyes? I'll pass.

2003-11-29 09:09:00 ET

i'd rather eat sea sponge and fish eyes than onions and peppers.

2003-11-29 09:10:18 ET

I'll trade you for 'em. I like onions and peppers.
only green peppers, though.

2003-11-29 09:11:10 ET

yeah i hate onions, peppers, lettuce, tomato... the list goes on like that. try and eat anywhere with these tastes! lol

2003-11-29 09:12:57 ET

dear gods.. and I thought - I - was a picky eater.

2003-11-29 09:14:31 ET

yeah i hate a good majority of vegetables. except for like carrots and beets and such.

2003-11-29 09:18:36 ET

I love veggies.. though I'm really picky about them.
Most I'll only eat if they're raw.. and I hate beets.

2003-11-29 09:19:44 ET

Beets are delicious! pickled anyways.
and yes, raw is often better. like carrots. and rhubarb.

2003-11-29 09:23:33 ET

that's what I think of beets.

2003-11-29 09:25:40 ET

*laughs* the poor defenseless little beets...

i'm a fruit lover anyways.

2003-11-29 09:28:35 ET

Ohhhh me too.
except for melons, 'cuz I'm allergic to them.

2003-11-29 09:29:45 ET

yeah i'm not a big melon fan. cept maybe watermelon

2003-11-29 09:31:07 ET

can't eat it. :(

2003-11-29 09:31:58 ET

you're not really missing out on alot.

2003-11-29 09:33:36 ET

yeah, so I gathered.
I mean, I can have a bite or two before I start to react, but it's nothing special.

If I couldn't have avocado, I'd die.

2003-11-29 09:36:56 ET

*makes gagging motions* man. avocado is beyond gross. talk about having to gag something down..

maybe a nice mango or something.

2003-11-29 09:39:04 ET

I -LOVE- avocado. so nyah.
Mango is ok. Papaya is pukeworthy.

2003-11-29 09:41:16 ET

i had sushi with avocado. man.....bad idea.

2003-11-29 09:41:56 ET

I don't like sushi.

2003-11-29 09:42:48 ET

and neither do i.
I'm just experimental. and my friends asked me to try it.

2003-11-29 09:44:21 ET

I think we're probably the only 2 people on the planet that don't like sushi.

2003-11-29 09:46:00 ET

omg. especially for you, since i've rarely met an american that didn't like it. californian friends are beyond obsessed with the shit. same with some new york ones. it's like 'all the rage' for no reason. sure i like sea weed and rice... but respectively. not together with raw fish, or nasty vegetables.

2003-11-29 09:51:37 ET

American?? AMERICAN???

*beats you senseless*
I live in MISSISSAUGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2003-11-29 09:56:32 ET

hehhe.... my statement about americans holds true!

though me saying sorry isn't gonna fix that one. ouch. i didn't really call you an american! it was only a dream! breathe!

2003-11-29 09:58:54 ET

yes, yes.. the statement holds true..


2003-11-29 09:59:57 ET

ahhh. you're allowed to beat me...

2003-11-29 10:00:39 ET

bastard. :P

Naaah.. I'll let it slide. But just this once. ;)

2003-11-29 10:02:34 ET

good. *hands you a cookie*

2003-11-29 10:04:34 ET

*arches a brow*
what kind?

2003-11-29 10:07:46 ET

yknow... i'm not 100% on that. i'm gonna say oatmeal... chocolate chip. they're like raspberry chocolate though.

2003-11-29 10:13:39 ET

those'll do.

2003-11-29 10:16:45 ET

they're not as good as my maple ones.

2003-11-29 10:19:51 ET

You might have to prove that. :P

2003-11-29 10:31:14 ET

i want some iced tea. yes.

2003-11-29 10:34:51 ET

so make some.

2003-11-29 10:35:18 ET

and indeed i did!

2003-11-29 10:35:39 ET

well bully for you.

2003-11-29 10:41:35 ET

and now i'm shivering because of it.

2003-11-29 10:57:46 ET

*offers some hot tea*

2003-11-29 11:02:46 ET

heh. what kind? i had cinnamon banana the other day.

2003-11-29 11:10:20 ET

cocoa spice.

2003-11-29 11:13:54 ET

sounds interesting. i like chai. and the like.

2003-11-29 11:17:41 ET

it's a lot like chai, only with a hint of bittersweet cocoa.


2003-11-29 11:19:39 ET

ooooh ginger and cinnamon... very nice! i'd definitely be up for a bit of that

2003-11-29 11:26:20 ET

It's wondrous stuff.

2003-11-29 11:31:09 ET

i had this 'ginger chew' candy the other day. it was nice!

2003-11-29 11:32:57 ET

that does sound cool.
brb- getting tea.

2003-11-29 11:34:48 ET

kept me warm too. i should see if there's any more of it...

2003-11-29 11:41:29 ET

Go for it.

2003-11-29 11:43:30 ET

theres alot i should've been doing today that just hasn't happened. like, showering and shaving and putting stuff away. etc.

2003-11-29 11:48:44 ET

bah. All of those are overrated.
just wallow in your filth and stubble like a good grungeboi.

2003-11-29 11:50:34 ET

i've been doing that for a while now actually... lol even listened to some nirvana ;)

2003-11-29 11:51:44 ET

I've got pearl jam on right now.

2003-11-29 11:51:55 ET

aaah... memories of misspent youth.

2003-11-29 11:55:40 ET

nhow where's my alice in chains....
yeah i love early 90's music!

2003-11-29 12:07:45 ET

Alice in Chains, Swervedriver, Screaming Trees.. wow. Those bring back memories.

2003-11-29 12:09:38 ET

*smiles* oh the people i wasn't allowed to listen to.

2003-11-29 12:10:39 ET

weren't "allowed" to listen to??

2003-11-29 12:12:07 ET

nope! it would make for very unhappy parents. so godfearing as they are. they loved it when i started liking manson!

2003-11-29 12:14:44 ET


I'm so sorry.

2003-11-29 12:15:36 ET

My dad still loathes nirvana to this day.

2003-11-29 12:33:45 ET

All my parents ever listened to were 50's/60's oldies, Elvis, or Classical music.

They LOVED it when I'd blare Front 242 from my room.

2003-11-29 12:37:02 ET

awwww really? hehe. yeah my mom still listens to elvis, the christian collection. grrr. dont get me wrong, i love oldies. but god damn.

2003-11-29 12:38:51 ET

That's gotta be rough.

I'm doing a cd cover for a local musician who sings french jazz and gospel. She's a sweetie, but damn.

2003-11-29 12:42:18 ET

what's on the cover? hehehe

2003-11-29 12:47:29 ET

An abstract painting. ;)

2003-11-29 12:48:35 ET

heh. nothing like being vague :)

2003-11-29 13:06:23 ET


2003-11-29 13:08:57 ET

it's good fun...

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