2003-12-09 03:40:45 ET

I've been 'extremely' tired lately. I think last night I finally got a decent amount of sleep, but still... dying!
I haven't really done anything of great importance lately. I helped someone move for 9 hours and that sucked. Now i'm sitting here with my breakfast, waiting for my friend to wake up. I probably annoyed him greatly yesterday saying i'd go over at 3pm, and never showing up at all. I was so exhausted.... I fell asleep on the couch a bunch of times all curled up in my blanket. *shrugs* maybe today shall be different...

2003-12-09 08:39:21 ET

here's to not getting enough sleep.

2003-12-09 08:49:22 ET

haha totally..... but today's proved to be even more amusing!
maybe i should update about it.

2003-12-09 08:50:56 ET

Maybe you should. :)

2003-12-09 08:54:33 ET

and now i shall!

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