2003-12-09 08:56:05 ET

It's come to my attention that my parents think I'm a big flaming homo. From the way I dress? and other little things I guess. They talked to my one friend about it. Who told my other friend. Who told me. I find it pretty funny that they can tell the guy in my house about it, but they can't talk to me about it. So the plan is to get pics of me making out with boys to put up around the house.

2003-12-09 09:04:45 ET

That is wonderful. Simply wonderful. My parents tell me that I could be a lesbian...but they have caught me with one to many boys...so that idea was thrown out the window. Hmmmm maybe I should come over...and they could catch us...hehehehe

2003-12-09 09:06:39 ET

Doesn't seem to matter that I have girls come over. which is confusing!

2003-12-09 09:14:52 ET

parents are unusual, but at least they arent giving you crap about it.

2003-12-09 09:16:29 ET

They tend to give me crap about having girls over actually. It's almost like they WANT me to be gay.

2003-12-09 09:18:32 ET

maybe because if you are gay there is a smaller chance you will get a girl knocked up?

2003-12-09 09:27:16 ET

their reasoning for anything baffles me anyways

2003-12-09 10:01:30 ET

Parents are funny that way.
If you're going to take pictures of you making out with boys.. do share. :)

2003-12-09 12:46:30 ET

That's the most hilarious thing Ive ever heard.
My shrink accused me of being gay, which I thought was hilarious.
Im the straightest girl I know!

2003-12-25 22:59:09 ET

I am a gay man trapped in a woman's body, but at least it saves on getting a sex change

2003-12-26 08:54:46 ET

blkphysh, haha, me too. don't feel too bad.

2003-12-26 18:24:37 ET

yeah. nothin like the boy on boy action to get your juices flowing? :P

2003-12-26 19:05:50 ET

lmao. you're damn right!

2003-12-26 22:06:23 ET

Ooh, lemme play the bad porn music *bowchickybumBOWWWWW*

2003-12-27 11:14:45 ET

I haven't even smacked my ass yet....

2003-12-27 12:41:14 ET

*smacks Adam's ass*

Better? :)

2003-12-27 12:44:10 ET

hah. well yeah, now i can fuck!

(yay orgazmo!)

2003-12-27 12:46:10 ET

*dies laughing*

You know, I briefly worked at a little cafe' called "Cafe' Orgasmo".

2003-12-27 12:48:07 ET

what the hell did you sell there?
and also..... what was the 'special ingredient' in the coffee? :P

2003-12-27 12:49:58 ET

oh wait i get it! it was a front for call girls, and you got a 'complementary' orgasm with your.... 100$ coffee.

2003-12-27 12:51:34 ET

S'right, bitch!!

2003-12-27 12:52:51 ET

good thing I don't like coffee...

2003-12-27 12:53:55 ET

I don't like it either.. and I worked there for less than a week.

2003-12-27 12:55:03 ET

Quit when you watched them make the coffee mix in the back didn't ya...


2003-12-27 12:57:20 ET

It was actually the different flavoured cream blends.

2003-12-27 13:01:15 ET

cream blends. heh. so wrong...

2003-12-27 13:04:14 ET

You started it. :)

2003-12-27 13:05:05 ET

I hear that alot, yknow?

2003-12-27 13:05:33 ET

That shocks me to no end.

2003-12-27 13:06:51 ET

I don't need your fasecious attitude in my forum! :)

2003-12-27 13:11:24 ET

you whine like a muuuule.

2003-12-27 13:13:13 ET

that's it. i'm outta here. and it's not just because the lasagna's ready!

2003-12-27 13:15:16 ET

yeah, yeah. Run along, boy. :D

2003-12-27 13:28:46 ET

kranz for my mouth!

2003-12-27 22:19:29 ET

sooo warm and cheesy....

2003-12-28 03:21:59 ET

i like warm and gooey.

2003-12-28 11:24:16 ET

Me too. :)

2003-12-28 12:12:01 ET

in my mouth. usually.

2003-12-28 12:14:42 ET

Depends on the gooeyness..

2003-12-28 12:36:16 ET

yeah. sometimes it's better elsewhere. possibly everywhere.

2003-12-28 12:38:52 ET

my vote would be with "everywhere but my mouth"

2003-12-28 14:55:44 ET

depends on the goo. really. heh

2003-12-28 17:09:51 ET

If it's boy goo, my comment stands.

2003-12-28 20:40:05 ET


2003-12-28 21:29:47 ET


2003-12-29 13:20:52 ET

granted i've been snowballed. lol

2003-12-29 13:22:57 ET

I have a rather strong aversion to boyjuice.

2003-12-30 00:43:53 ET

Yeah, most people have very terrible diets, therefore they taste bad...

2003-12-30 09:43:22 ET

it's all about the texture. UGH.

2003-12-30 14:15:04 ET

yeah i've never really had a problem with goo. it's onion-like textures i can't stand.

2003-12-30 14:15:59 ET

I can't deal with tapioca for the same reason. EWewewewew.

2003-12-30 14:18:48 ET

Yeah, that stuff's rather disgusting.

2003-12-30 14:20:29 ET

that it is.
- boy goo
- tapioca
- runny eggs
- anything gelatinous.

those are all the textures that make me hurl.

2003-12-30 14:22:08 ET

the majority of vegetables make me ill

2003-12-30 14:23:01 ET

I'm like that with most dead animals.

2003-12-30 14:40:33 ET

guess we're eating fruit salad then...

2003-12-30 14:41:41 ET

damned right.

2003-12-31 10:51:12 ET


2003-12-31 12:41:25 ET

i'm quite the citrus fan

2003-12-31 12:41:41 ET

Citrus is good.

2004-01-02 03:50:37 ET

but not in the eyes

2004-01-02 10:19:29 ET

No, not in the eyes. Nor in open wounds.

2004-01-02 12:25:10 ET

well, getting it in paper cuts is just funny...

2004-01-02 13:09:41 ET

it's owie.

2004-01-02 14:41:31 ET

owie, funny... close enough.

2004-01-02 14:41:49 ET


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