2003-12-18 07:47:26 ET

What's an awesome way to wake up? "stuck in the middle with you" playing on the radio. fuck yeah :) now to put some food in me and listen to my friend's radio station.

2003-12-18 07:54:04 ET

NO way...I so woke up that too. *runs away*

2003-12-18 08:19:45 ET

Really? that would be neat! I fuckin love that song and scene...

2003-12-18 08:46:30 ET

Me too.

2003-12-18 09:01:40 ET

it was a very amazing start to a day. :)

follow that up with some depeche mode, and you've got my happy morning

2003-12-18 10:49:06 ET

I can't stand the radio or any sounds when I wake up it gives me a headache lol I never listen to the radio either cuz the music is, for the most part, terrible, unless my friend had a station or something. But I wouldn't mind being stuck in the middle when I woke up heh

2003-12-18 10:50:57 ET

that can be arranged. ;)

I used to have it on this supposed 80s and early 90s radio, but they fucking sucked ass. i'd always wake up to a horrible horrible song, or advertisements. so i said fuck it and changed it back to the rock station.
where i often wake up to either early 90s rock, or 80s music. :D

2003-12-18 10:57:03 ET

Hahah sometimes I'll turn it to the modern alternsative station if I'm in a car or something, or some techno station that jus t repeats over and over because its the closet to industrial I can find.

2003-12-18 10:59:56 ET

yeah it's tough to find good radio around here. grr.

2003-12-18 12:56:33 ET

i just happened to glance at this post earlier... and that song has been stuck in my head ever sense. Eeep!

*still singing*

2003-12-18 12:57:11 ET

are you doin the little dance too?

now where's my gascan...

2003-12-18 13:21:37 ET

*shoots Adam*

Hahah thats a fabulous movie.

2003-12-18 13:30:21 ET

mmm tarantino ...

2003-12-25 22:57:40 ET

man what a good ass song

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