2003-12-31 09:57:25 ET

I'm off to windsor in a couple hours...

2003-12-31 09:58:34 ET

Have a good NYE, hon. ;)

2003-12-31 10:03:53 ET

yes, windsor rules. have fun with that. :D

2003-12-31 10:09:07 ET

Windsor is about 10 minutes away from my house. I love it there.

2003-12-31 10:14:00 ET

well, i'm about 20 from toronto ... so windsor's a fair distance, but my best friend goes to university there, so i'm forced to love it.

2003-12-31 11:08:45 ET

I will be in Ontario in 2 weeks...I am going to stand outside your window...watching you...lol

2003-12-31 11:21:57 ET

With any luck I'll be back downtown within the next couple of weeks.
*crosses fingers*

2003-12-31 12:41:03 ET

Yeah i'm totally going to zebra on friday... and we're going to have a 'wild zero' party.... with the 'rock and roll jet' drinking game! and some other fun..... i burned like 10 vcds and a bunch of audio ones to amuse myself with... but my ride's leaving, so i must part! xoxox!

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