2004-01-05 16:53:55 ET

i'm back. wee.

2004-01-05 17:23:39 ET

welcome back dear

2004-01-05 17:25:08 ET

Hi. =D Have a nice trip?

2004-01-05 17:29:35 ET

It was relaxing, and I guess that's what counts. I enjoy going down to see my friends down there. Probably the first time in a long while I've gone down there that wasn't for a show, or to bleed...

2004-01-05 17:31:01 ET

Relaxing is good. =)

2004-01-05 17:34:06 ET

Yeah, so's red wine and cheap old movies...

I'm thinking i'll drink more of this red wine I opened tonight, play some video games at my friend's place. I don't have the energy for much else.

2004-01-05 17:34:39 ET

I pmed you.

2004-01-05 17:36:19 ET


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