2004-01-08 11:38:40 ET

So i've been playing too much Snes lately... which I blame on Dimitra for sending me all these new games. I just got out of the shower, so i'm getting dressed and probably heading out of here...

2004-01-08 13:07:13 ET

Too much SNES? I think not. That is impossible.
*Nintendo fiend*

2004-01-08 21:04:43 ET

No kidding. I wish I had an original SNES back when they were popular. Now I have a Game Boy Advance SP, and I'm completely addicted to Yoshi's Island.

2004-01-09 05:30:22 ET

Yeh what was i thinking... besides, this game has cursing in it! "fucks like a tiger" oh man... beautiful!

2004-01-10 16:37:59 ET

Hah wha?

2004-01-11 17:34:15 ET

that's a quote from the game! "I bet she fucks like a tiger"

2004-01-11 22:14:03 ET


What the Hell?

2004-01-11 22:14:07 ET

2004-01-12 07:06:54 ET

what can i say..... the game's amazing!

2004-01-12 12:28:11 ET

Which game would this be?

2004-01-13 05:39:49 ET

tales of phantasia :)

2004-01-13 13:14:24 ET

Ah. Fun stuff.

2004-01-13 14:48:31 ET

sure is! since there's not much else to entertain me around here. stupid. boring. people. whichincludesme.

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