2004-01-15 09:50:58 ET

Surprisingly my body's not really pissed off with me. A little tender in a few places, but no worse for wear. licorice and iced tea fill my gullet!

2004-01-15 10:12:06 ET

*squishes you*

how's that for tender? :D

2004-01-15 10:52:54 ET

*grimaces* nice and tender!~! (it feels like poking bruises... amuses me so!)

2004-01-15 11:27:49 ET

your new avatar looks all ominous.

2004-01-15 12:10:43 ET

excellent! ominous is a good word.

2004-01-15 17:51:56 ET

I agree with her, couldn't think of a better word to describe it. I'm listening to the song "Boys" by Bauhaus and somehow it reminds me of you.

2004-01-15 18:04:43 ET

Mmm. Bauhaus.

2004-01-15 21:47:26 ET

and since I dont know that song... i'm going to raise an eyebrow at you!!

2004-01-15 21:48:07 ET

Hahah Download it, I think you'd like it.

2004-01-15 21:49:49 ET

*bites you*

i'll get to that. eventually.

2004-01-15 21:52:07 ET

*tears flesh*


2004-01-16 04:49:55 ET

see, doing that makes me want things other than MUSIC

2004-01-16 06:14:15 ET

See, that makes me want pictures. ;)

2004-01-16 12:35:39 ET

I second that.

2004-01-16 12:35:44 ET

2004-01-16 13:36:08 ET

okay. well you come over and do that..... then i'll do YOU. and you can take pictures. :P

2004-01-16 14:56:38 ET


2004-01-16 20:36:13 ET

i like the plan.

2004-01-16 20:36:45 ET

the plan is good. ;)

2004-01-16 20:39:19 ET

now it just needs to come to fruition.

2004-01-16 20:55:21 ET


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