2004-01-22 21:49:42 ET

Not so sure about that being me thing anymore...

Ever used hair removal cream on your face? I'm testing that out right now. Because I can. It was either that or dye my right arm RED. I might do a little more of this hair removal if I still feel restless. What else can I do to myself...

2004-01-22 21:52:22 ET

dont put that shit on your face, a friend of mine (shes old, like 40) tried and apparently its really irritating, even if it works fine on other parts of the body

2004-01-22 21:53:53 ET

*laughs* Maybe I'll get horribly burned... which would make me laugh. even more anyways. Is that what this tingling is? ha!

If you didn't notice. I'm self loathing alot tonight. alot alot.

2004-01-22 21:55:33 ET

i think its something like a burn from bleach.. and self loathing is alright, as long as you know that others still like you

2004-01-22 22:05:17 ET

enh. it didn't even kill 'all' the hair. left some stubble. didn't leave it on long enough... I don't have enough for my legs either...

2004-01-22 22:05:44 ET

do stripes or something

2004-01-22 22:08:02 ET

nobody ever sees my legs anyways. *looks at container of dye*

2004-01-22 22:10:24 ET

hah i dont know if that would work, but why not try
ive got a container of electric blue dye that seems to call to me everytime i open the bathroom drawer. its so temping to just dye my whole head blue again.

2004-01-22 22:11:05 ET

Oh, this is fabric dye. I think it'd do wonders to skin?

2004-01-23 04:10:37 ET

yes fabric dye + skin
do it
heh right now in my hair there is hair spray, hand lotion, soap and some hair gel and it still needs more stuff to become more intresting

2004-01-23 07:33:54 ET

Should I use the cold dye or the hot dye...

2004-01-23 09:40:16 ET

hot dye hot dye. And I will get to see your legs...this will be great!

2004-01-23 09:40:46 ET

my legs? no. the dye's not going on the legs...

2004-01-23 10:16:20 ET

but earlier you said that no one sees your legs...thats why I ended the hot dye. and went on to legs

2004-01-23 10:17:39 ET

ahh. Well you'll have to come here to see these babies.

2004-01-23 10:18:22 ET

oh yeah...oh I will...

2004-01-23 10:20:42 ET

well ok then

2004-01-23 11:13:05 ET

Dye your arms! That would be fucking awesome. Or put a ladder of surface piercings somewhere, I saw a guy with ti going up his arm once, it was neat, but personally I'd orbably put it on my spine.

2004-01-23 11:18:17 ET

Hows about you come here and help me with all of this! ahem.

Yeah, the dying of the arm might happen. I'm still debating.

2004-01-23 11:50:30 ET

;) The yde might irritate your skin though, do a test finger first lol

2004-01-23 12:17:58 ET

do a figner test on you! :P

enh. doesn't really matter if it irritates my skin. Just wonder if it'll have the desire effect. yknow, a nice bright red?

2004-01-23 12:26:15 ET

Probably more of a pink...and how did I knwo you'd say that lol

2004-01-23 12:27:32 ET

Well at least that means you either know my horrible sense of humour, or you've gotten used to me hitting on you. hah

2004-01-23 12:30:34 ET

It's hardly horrible lol

2004-01-23 12:31:30 ET

Or maybe it's horribly hard! ooh!

no wait. that's wrong. very wrong.

crystine.... why are you not in london? *pinch*

2004-01-23 12:35:32 ET

Cuz I'm in condemned to live in Niagara Falls nad have no way to leave, I must have been a horrible horrible person in my past life. I hate it here.

2004-01-23 12:36:54 ET

Well you need an escape. Little vacation, yknow?
Is this too much hinting/trying?

2004-01-23 12:40:14 ET

lol nahh ot's cool I wanna go there anyways cuz a good frined of mine lives there..but alas..however I might be there someday soon,hopefully cuz I wanna see her (and you too lol)

2004-01-23 12:44:05 ET

Well, I guess being secondary on your list of things to do is still a bonus. Let's hope I feel less hideous upon your arrival!

2004-01-23 12:45:27 ET

Hahah I doubt you can be hideous..but then again I don't know you

2004-01-23 12:46:04 ET

Hopefully we can change that too.

2004-01-23 12:50:10 ET

Heheh perhaps ^^

2004-01-23 12:50:46 ET

so what're you doing tonight?

2004-01-23 12:54:23 ET

Hmm dunno yet, the night is young though, you?

2004-01-23 12:57:14 ET

I've no plans either. I was going to shower, but now I must wait at least an hour...

2004-01-23 13:47:03 ET

I feel replaced. LOL. No wait...I don't. Just sounded like something to say.

2004-01-23 13:48:20 ET

hah. replaced. I think I'll go post a list of the people I want to fuck on my page now :P

2004-01-23 13:50:29 ET

replaced just sounds funny. I had someone say that to me today. So I figured I would spread the word

2004-01-23 13:52:09 ET

Yeah. like it was a position you filled.

2004-01-23 13:53:09 ET

yeah. *Hi I am Staci and I am here to fuck you*

2004-01-23 13:53:55 ET

*here's my resume. you'll see that it says my specialties*

2004-01-23 13:56:19 ET

Yes...*there is a treatment and sample page as well to my resume...demenstrations where neccessary*

2004-01-23 13:57:07 ET

heh. letter of recommendation?

2004-01-23 13:58:25 ET

I am sure I would have tons. I will fax this your way soon enough. Cause I will be here soon...and I don't feel like waiting in line. lol

2004-01-23 13:59:50 ET

*looks* yeah. quite the line. hmmph.

2004-01-23 14:02:31 ET

Oh whine whine whine *bites you*

2004-01-23 14:03:04 ET

At lesat you'll come help me do fucked up things to myself.

2004-01-23 14:04:07 ET

Very true. That is going to be fun. I have no sense of...*That is a bad thing to do* which means...we are both in for some either funtimes or horrible times...depends really. lol

2004-01-23 14:06:31 ET

Enh. If I think it's funny I could've give a flying fuck what everyone else felt.

2004-01-23 14:07:53 ET

LOL...I am noting this...*don't let adam touch me*

2004-01-23 14:10:11 ET

hey! I have a decent fashion sense... I'm not going to do something completely hideous. At least not to someone other than myself.

2004-01-23 14:11:27 ET

Okay then...you can touch me. but only if I can hit you over the head with a dead fish

2004-01-23 14:12:19 ET

Are we cooking and eating if after?

2004-01-23 14:12:28 ET


2004-01-23 14:12:56 ET

If you wanna eat it sure

2004-01-23 14:13:59 ET

I like fish.

2004-01-23 14:15:16 ET

Then yes...I will hit you over the head with a dead fish...then you can touch me while we cook it. *lol* I sense a strange amount of fun coming soon.

2004-01-23 14:16:09 ET

I exude a strange amount of strange.

2004-01-23 14:16:34 ET

Yes I have always known that one. I have talked to you for awhile. lol.

2004-01-23 14:18:27 ET

*cracks neck* Yeah. Can't help that one.

2004-01-23 14:19:24 ET

hmmm well I got nothing. hahahaha

2004-01-23 14:20:29 ET

And I get nothing. lol

2004-01-23 14:21:50 ET

...nope still nothing.

2004-01-23 14:23:59 ET

yeah. I'm used to it.

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