2004-01-24 14:33:31 ET

I think it's high time Adam got his skanky ass into the shower and got ready for the club tonight...

2004-01-24 15:36:01 ET

I just talked my sister into going out to the club with me tonight! hehe

2004-01-24 16:35:33 ET

Same here.

Boyfriend's birthday though.Can't ditch the SO.

2004-01-25 09:51:40 ET

hah. you could, it just probably wouldn't go over so well??

your sister? that's neat.
my preppy-in-the-army brother's been to my goth bar before. hah

2004-01-27 09:30:33 ET

i like your bridge. i want one.

2004-01-27 14:24:35 ET

I like it too

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