2004-01-27 15:11:06 ET

I added some new pictures to the second gallery.
I'm in a very horrible mood. That's right. You heard me. Go fuck yourself.

2004-01-27 15:12:57 ET


i think your pretty.

2004-01-27 15:25:09 ET

only if you promise to talk dirty to me.

2004-01-27 16:17:28 ET

<333 Love the pics. Cheer up you're pretty, pretty people shouldn't be frustrated.

2004-01-27 16:51:32 ET

He doesn't think he's as pretty as everyone else thinks he is.

*pokes the grumpy boy*

2004-01-27 16:57:43 ET

You bitch to much. *draws eyebrows on Adam* sexy sexy boy!

2004-01-27 20:26:51 ET

*scowls at you all*

2004-01-28 06:36:31 ET

grump, grump, grump.

2004-01-28 06:43:06 ET

Yeah doesn't seem to get much better either.

2004-01-28 10:06:01 ET

Ok. So I'm not quite so much of an ass today... had a mild bit of closure.

2004-01-28 11:06:44 ET

closure is good.

2004-01-28 11:07:32 ET

Yeah. not exactly what I was looking for, but ..... whatever. get it all over with right.

2004-01-28 11:08:02 ET


2004-01-28 11:11:46 ET

Get what all over with? Did something happen?

2004-01-28 11:13:19 ET

that says a bit more...

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