2004-01-30 09:40:30 ET

So I'm sick. My nose is pissing me off, with all the sniffling and such. I should be better by tomorrow. Maybe the next day. I'm making jello! Which... I really don't feel like waiting for. I did that because Dimitra kept talking about jello. And I was doing dishes... and it was all sitting right there calling to me.
I should possibly vaccuum. Anyone have any idea what I should do tonight? and what's with the sudden surge of marriage talk... geez...

2004-01-30 09:47:31 ET

marriage talk? what?

2004-01-30 10:09:38 ET

marriage talk? Not to quote Barbara Bush, but "just say no!"

2004-01-30 10:12:21 ET

damned right. I've been with my manbeast for 8 years and we like things just the way they are.

2004-01-30 10:47:21 ET

Yeah. I've got a few friends that recently got engaged. I see no damn point to marriage. Hell, I have trouble DATING.

2004-01-30 12:36:54 ET

I've watched friend after friend go the path of suckness as soon as the titles of "husband" or "wife" are applied - they start play-acting some stupidass role and then I just have to drop them -

Dating sucks too - if I hadn't met up with my bf of 4 years I think I would have just given up.

2004-01-30 12:57:32 ET

Yeah I laughed pretty hard when they told me they were getting married. But, whatever makes them happy I guess.

Dating is horrendous. Haven't done it in a long time.

2004-01-30 13:07:40 ET

dating sucks beyond all reason... but then again, so does marriage.

Derek's parents keep asking us when we're going to get married. Bah.

2004-01-30 13:08:18 ET

Answer: when you can give me a valid reason to do it.

2004-01-30 13:09:18 ET

They're just a really conservative, traditional Chinese family. Hell, when they had relatives visiting from Edmonton, his mom asked that we keep our tattoos covered so we don't 'offend' them.
Fuck that. I got SO pissed off.

2004-01-30 13:17:24 ET

heh i've heard that... "take those out, hide those... etc"

2004-01-30 13:20:18 ET

uh huh.
"go to hell" is my usual response.

2004-01-30 13:22:54 ET

they must LOVE you!
do you say it in chinese to get your point across? ;)

2004-01-30 13:24:57 ET

Actually, I was polite enough to them to tell them, in English, that there was no way i was covering up my tattoos, and if their relatives got offended, that was their problem, not mine.

I told my own parents to go fuck themselves.

2004-01-30 13:32:06 ET


Although mine never ask me to remove anything, they're afraid that I won't speak to them for another couple of years

2004-01-30 13:32:26 ET


2004-01-30 13:33:37 ET

Mine just act all disappointed in me. Granted, they ARE. and they say they are for just about anything I do, so meh

2004-01-30 13:35:15 ET

Yeah - there's no pleasing some people, so its best not to try. I didnt turn out to be Barbie and married to some rich guy, so Im a failure

2004-01-30 13:49:26 ET

you sure are a failure! geez. why cant you be miss perfect like the rest of the girls...

2004-01-30 14:05:08 ET

Dude... I know... I should go jump off a cliff or something..... :P

2004-01-30 14:07:36 ET

i'd say! I think I should do the same.

2004-01-30 15:53:36 ET

Let's all be lemmings together!

2004-02-01 08:42:47 ET

I told my boss to fuck off when I dyed my hair pink. And then I stopped showing up for work (but I still use him as a reference Ha!)

I'm still hiding the tattoos from my grand parents...for oh say 18 months. They almost had a heart attack when my belly button got pierced.

2004-02-01 09:56:31 ET

When I got my first tattoo, my mom cried.. went on how I 'ruined myself forever'.

What tats do you have, Crys?

2004-02-01 10:24:51 ET

I have two demon/skeleton claws on the back of skull on each side of my lower back/upper butt I guess. Just because I happen to love gore and horror movie aesthetics. The skulls have horns and if I'm wearing low pants only the horns stick out it looks neat.

And I have a weeping eye of horus on my back, it means something to me but my back incomplete. When done...the tats on my back spine will represent my philosophy on life.

2004-02-01 10:27:22 ET

that's awesome.

2004-02-01 10:48:11 ET

Thanks :)

Yours look great. I saw the ones in your gallery, any more?

2004-02-01 10:49:45 ET

Thankyou.. no more yet, but I'll be getting another one soon- hopefully within the next few weeks.

2004-02-01 10:52:45 ET

Soon as I get a job i'm getting another.

2004-02-01 10:57:25 ET

I want to get a really big piece across my lower back, but it'll cose me close to a thousand to get.. so that'll be a while. OSAP payments take priority. ;)

2004-02-01 11:21:17 ET

Wow what do you want?

2004-02-01 11:34:43 ET

The piece is going to take up most of my lower back and wrap around my hips; central figure is going to be a barn owl with its wings outstretched, and symmetrically fanning out on either side from it will be peregrine falcons, blackbirds, and wrens., with a pointilized pattern swirling behind them to form very faint knotwork.

2004-02-01 11:55:23 ET

Oh that is too wicked! Wow Toronto shops charge a lot. If I were you I'd shop around a little to other, smaller, cities and maybe make friends at a parlour lol

2004-02-01 13:48:39 ET

true enough.

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