2004-02-11 08:29:42 ET

It's wednesday..... meaning it's gym day. Not sure if I'll get anything else done today... Which is terrible, but the story of my life. If I shake my head, I smell pretty.

2004-02-11 08:32:35 ET

did you wash your hair?

2004-02-11 08:34:51 ET

not today! Actually... it smells like the shampoo that was used on my hair a couple days ago, not the stuff I used last night...

2004-02-11 08:37:34 ET

what kind of shampoo is that?

2004-02-11 08:38:19 ET

Outrageous! mmm....

2004-02-11 08:42:59 ET

dunno it.

2004-02-11 08:43:59 ET

i need to do stuff today but it's daylight out..i can't bring myself to go out

2004-02-11 08:52:23 ET

I have to go to work...but I got home from the gym like an hour ago.

2004-02-11 08:52:25 ET

Oh yeah...double post!!!!!

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