2004-03-09 14:34:41 ET

Yes, I did Die...

2004-03-09 14:36:40 ET

*plays a requiem for you*

2004-03-09 14:53:20 ET

whens the wake?

2004-03-09 15:06:56 ET

Sweet cuz ya know I'm into necrophilia :P

2004-03-09 15:19:08 ET

so that's what it takes to get some?

damn. glad I fuckin died then.

who wants sherbert!

2004-03-09 15:21:41 ET

Donate your body to ME!

2004-03-09 15:25:25 ET

What's the best nation in the world? DOUGHnation.

Get your free samples at the counter on your way out...

2004-03-09 15:26:41 ET

what kind of sherbet?

2004-03-09 15:28:11 ET


I think I like sorbet more than sherbert though. The green's my favourite.

2004-03-09 15:28:37 ET

Mmm sherbet, I'll take some of that. *hopes its lemon*

2004-03-09 15:29:26 ET

Hahah what is sorbet exactly?

2004-03-09 15:29:39 ET

My favourite is Metropolitan Strawberry sorbet

2004-03-09 15:36:00 ET

sorbet's frozen sugar water... basically...

sounds delicious!
I also like frozen yoghurt. mmm black cherry...

2004-03-09 15:37:10 ET

You should check it out- seriously. It's amazing stuff.

I'm not really a big frozen yoghurt fan.. it reminds me too much of ice cream, which I don't like.

2004-03-09 15:38:08 ET

Ohh black cherry is SO good! I like all sugary foods, cept peanut butter eww

2004-03-09 15:40:18 ET

The only sweet-ish food I'm fond of is padh thai- the tamarind makes it sweet. I prefer salty/bitter.

2004-03-09 15:41:02 ET

peanut butter is sugary??

heh. salty... i gotcha.
i like sour!!
(i'm answering these questions your friend sent me.... they're fucked up... )

2004-03-09 15:43:23 ET

Adam- GROSS. Not that.

(yeah, I had to answer 'em too)

2004-03-09 15:46:22 ET

fuck. personality traits. that's worse than the history question.


2004-03-09 15:48:36 ET

Yeah, well.. you do have a personality in there.


2004-03-09 15:49:46 ET

I'll do it if you do it.

2004-03-09 15:52:35 ET


2004-03-09 15:53:27 ET

pfft. fine.

who want to see me makeout with owen?

2004-03-09 16:16:42 ET


2004-03-09 16:18:36 ET


2004-03-09 16:19:03 ET


2004-03-09 16:19:55 ET

I like that picture.... (which adorns my friend's fridge)

2004-03-09 16:26:50 ET

With good cause!

2004-03-09 16:31:26 ET


2004-03-09 17:30:27 ET

I love that picture....love it love it love it!!!! Adam and Owen=great dreams!

2004-03-09 21:19:49 ET

Aren't you in my country yet?

2004-03-10 06:11:31 ET

I did those questions too I think, yum Sour is also good. Ever had warheads candy?

2004-03-10 06:11:46 ET

OH that's a hot pic!

2004-03-10 06:50:39 ET

Isn't it just?

2004-03-10 10:37:45 ET

Yes sir I am.
well i was...but I am in indiana...cause my grandmother passed

2004-03-10 11:49:20 ET

Here and gone... and no call? I'm hurt!

yes.. warheads... I can't remember what colour was my favourite. one of them just wasn't sour. and it was subpar on the flavour. but most of them are delicious!

I'm supposed to go see Owen tonight... (owen is the man I'm kissing of course)

2004-03-10 12:33:51 ET

I know I am sorry...I lost your phone number. PM it to me again.

2004-03-10 12:34:56 ET


2004-03-10 12:35:16 ET

wonderful. I leave Sunday

2004-03-10 12:36:59 ET

so where are you in town? (you can answer in the pm if'n you wish)

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