2002-07-04 10:05:37 ET

A few small changes to the page, since I was bored of this shit.

My parents get back from Spain on monday, so that kinda sucks. I need to start looking for a job so that they'll shut up when they get back. I'm really not looking forward to having to talk to them again.

I think I'm almost fully recovered from the weekend, which is a plus.

2002-07-04 10:06:33 ET

bah, it's so nice to have the house all to yourself
then have parents/roomates come back and bug yah :(

2002-07-04 10:08:25 ET

Yeah this place was finally comfortable! And everything's so simple. I'm not doing 50 million chores every day, just a few things here and there which is no trouble at all. It's disgusting how much work those bastards create.

2002-07-04 10:08:36 ET

comgrats on a speedy like a mouse recovery. and for my lack of the use of hyphens...

2002-07-04 10:10:29 ET

thankies... it's the air in there that's been bugging me, and now that the scabs are healed they're getting itchy. I'm still finding small air pockets along my back and neck...

2002-07-04 10:16:06 ET

scabs? air pockets? goodness, what did you do?

[see also: what syko said =)]

2002-07-04 10:19:14 ET

on sunday i did a suicide suspension for a good hour... being skinny, i filled up with air really good. haha... and then in two days (saturday) i'm hosting a pull event and i'll just fill up with more air. eep.

2002-07-04 10:21:02 ET

oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness

i don't even know what to say, oh my goodness

...oh my goodness.

so does that mean you did that thing where they...stick hooks in your back and you hang around? oh my goodness. you filled up with air? like a tire? are you bumpy?

i have a fluid pocket on the back of my wimpy piercing but no air pocket.

2002-07-04 10:24:40 ET

*chuckles* yeah that's what i was doing. Pierced with a 10g needle, but the hooks are 8g, to minimize bleeding. I did a 4 hook, so there was barely any discomfort at all, except for when i picked up Rob... lol.

i'm not bumpy, but if you rub my back you can feel some of the little pockets of air, and they feel like rice krispies.

2002-07-04 10:29:02 ET

hahah i guess after being on bme, I am not even phased at the thought of suspensions/pulls/hangings anymore.
Hope it was fun!
The pockets of air will sort themselves out. Heal well!

2002-07-04 10:33:02 ET

oh i'm going to faint at the thought

2002-07-04 10:34:26 ET

haha yeah, filling my weekend with suspensions and whatnot didn't even seem that out of the ordinary. I'm right at home rubbing blood and air out of ppl's backs...
I had a blast!

2002-07-04 10:35:56 ET

faint? naw! it's a wondrous feeling... barely any pain involved at all.

2002-07-04 10:41:04 ET

liar. you are a big fat liar.

i'm turning into my mother =( a year ago, i used to think suspension stuff was awesome and amazing and now my tummy aches when i think of it [along with other things, like when people wiggle their teeth, ack!!]

2002-07-04 10:43:41 ET

well, i think i took it ten times easier than most of the first timers i saw... but i've always enjoyed pain on my back.

it's all a release for me.

2002-07-04 10:45:39 ET

I think that I would enjoy it immensely, but I wouldn't want a bunch of people watching me while I do it.
I think it would have to be in an extremely private setting

2002-07-04 10:46:22 ET

mm yeah a friend of mine said it was actually a pretty spiritual experience. finding new lipstick is spiritual enough for me =) i'm glad it worked out so well for you though.

2002-07-04 10:47:56 ET

Well if I ever get a rig and start doing my own thing with just a couple friends, I'll let you know?

I'm hoping things go well on saturday... like, not running out of supplies, and my neighbour doesnt call the cops... etc. lol

2002-07-04 10:55:02 ET

throwin' one last big party before the 'rents come home, eh? ^_^

2002-07-04 10:58:30 ET

i didnt find it all that spiritual... but it was definately something i'm really glad i did. and thanks :)

and saturday's my flesh pull party! Rob and I are pokin ppl, getting all sweaty and bloody... then when all that's done, we're bringin out the wine and havin the party! hehehe

2002-07-04 16:17:25 ET

Oh I hear you about the lipstick/spirtual...but it is a good release...I have some good friends that do that...doesnt phase me...but I have never really enjoyed it...did it once...wont do it again!

2002-07-06 16:02:56 ET

* cringes*

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