2002-07-06 14:12:39 ET

well first my parents took a vacation, and tomorrow, i'm going to windsor to prolong that vacation just a bit more! ok, so like a week more...

2002-07-07 12:40:39 ET

You're going to the Zebra Room, aren't you!!

2002-07-07 14:44:23 ET

you got that right baby!!

check your iam ims for an im about something you should go see!

2002-07-07 23:53:14 ET

Done and done!

I want to visit you and Les at the Zebra Room!

2002-07-08 07:46:10 ET

i wanna go... but it seems those plans got fucked too. grr!

2002-07-08 11:17:15 ET

blah, no fun.

I should convince a few people to haul ass down there

2002-07-09 10:16:37 ET

you definately should. and bring me too!

2002-07-09 21:38:56 ET

Of course!

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