2002-07-10 21:32:23 ET

tonight was a really nice night for conversation. Sarah especially! as for right now, I need to run off to bed. Maybe i'll find something productive to do tomorrow, but I highly doubt it. *sings and strips for bed*

2002-07-11 05:19:44 ET

I agree..it really was. And thank you!

2002-07-11 06:11:33 ET

and thank you as well!

2002-07-11 12:57:21 ET

You make me feel so special!!

2002-07-11 14:15:17 ET

You are! I don't click like that with many people.

2002-07-11 15:10:06 ET

really? I wouldn't have thought that..

2002-07-11 15:13:17 ET

yeah, sadly. but then again, it makes people like you a rarer and more special find.

2002-07-11 15:18:08 ET

aww..well thank you! You're so sweet

2002-07-11 15:20:20 ET

*smiles* so far you deserve it! you've been nothing but the same in return.

2002-07-11 15:22:20 ET

I give you what you deserve

2002-07-11 15:23:50 ET

then i guess it's settled. hehe

2002-07-12 11:15:41 ET

so while you were stripping for bed, what were you singing?

and im glad people find other good, rare people like them. it means sometimes the world makes sense for a second or so.

2002-07-12 11:16:52 ET

and its those seconds that we all live for

2002-07-12 11:18:04 ET

not all of us do. most people dont. but at least SOME do. and as for the others...well...to each their own.

like charlie from perks of being a wallflower. a book not many people have read. so sad.

2002-07-12 11:19:35 ET

it was most likely something from "hedwig and the angry inch"

2002-07-12 11:21:55 ET

you hide in stoves while your mom is nearby?
this i didnt know

2002-07-12 11:22:39 ET

hehehe. it was "wicked little town" that i was singing.

2002-07-12 11:25:11 ET

way cool!!
i wanna be serenaded with THAT!!!

or ill settle for something from the venus in furs from velvet goldmine
YAY for johnathon rhys-meyers as a bowie look-alike

2002-07-12 11:26:30 ET

that was definately an interesting movie! hehehe

i'm always singing songs like that, and then things like STP, and hole.

2002-07-12 11:27:40 ET

old or new hole?

2002-07-12 11:29:13 ET

hmm, celebrity skin's nice ... i've had a thing for "doll parts" lately tho. oddly enough, right now i'm listening to Orgy.

2002-07-12 11:30:05 ET

har har....orgy doing a COVER of "doll parts"

talk about a david lynch film

2002-07-12 11:32:30 ET

that sounds disturbing, so yeah right up his alley..

i have a mixed garbage cd in there too. mmm.

2002-07-12 11:36:02 ET

did you put on the trick is to keep breathing, so like a rose and milk? im in a sentimental quiet mood if you cant tell. normally i run right for cherry lips, stupid girl and #1 crush

2002-07-12 11:40:09 ET

yknow, i think queer is a wondrous song.

an oddly melodic and sad song is "where" by "ultraspank" which i might add is a fairly heavy emotional band, which totally rocks, but that's the only soft song they have.

2002-07-12 11:43:44 ET

ooo queer...bring back memories of my band, i did that cover for the last song. had fun with it :)
uh oh, i might start singing now
its all about "you learn through the pain you feel, like father like son"

2002-07-12 11:45:15 ET

I was walking through the grocery store at 3am and that song came on. it was definately cool. do any other rockin covers?

2002-07-12 11:48:44 ET

im not in the band anymore. but we did a few. im a huge shirley fan, so we'd do that one and sometimes id do "sleep together" or the pumpkins' "porcelina" if i was feeling sweet or "xyu" or "silverfuck" if i was a i-hate-the-world-especially-guys mood. he he he
my biggest compliment was being compared to courtney and shirley, though i get pissed off at being compared to ANYONE but myself...but still....it was cool

got any special request covers? hehee

2002-07-12 11:51:08 ET

wanna sing me some cranberries? ehehhe... naw, that'd be too sweet. uhm.. sally's song!

2002-07-12 12:01:02 ET

ill save ya a seat when i go moonlighting in vega ha ha

sally's song,*mental check* gonna have to hear that again sometime. i havent heard the cranberries for a while. dumb me. been stuck on fiona and bjork. any others?

2002-07-13 19:14:28 ET

bjork. hehe..... i like bjork!

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