2002-07-18 21:45:03 ET

I've been such a super busy boi lately, but luckily alot of that's subsided. Hopefully I can get back to my routine of haphazardly looking for work, and seeing Ralph all the time to watch movies and play games, and of course be on here for countless hours of the day. love love! xoxo

2002-07-18 22:15:07 ET

....and then you will make big long ranties...yes? No?:D

Whatcha been up to that's caused you to be a "super busy boi" anyhoo?

2002-07-18 22:19:12 ET

Work is bad for you.

2002-07-18 22:34:13 ET

work? haha work.... funny. exercise! and being lazy.

2002-07-18 22:40:42 ET

Exercise and being lazy is taking up all your time???

2002-07-18 22:41:34 ET

well, ok, make that "Sexercise" and playing video games, and doing chores. heh

2002-07-18 23:10:33 ET

hehe....okay...that makes a little more sense.

2002-07-18 23:13:38 ET

haha yeah. owie.

2002-07-18 23:14:41 ET

But I'm sure it's a good pain.;p

2002-07-18 23:18:49 ET

for now! give it a couple days i'll be in withdrawal.

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