2002-07-20 13:22:06 ET

I've been milling about my house all evening. Trying out the latest editions to my winter wardrobe. I just need to find more pants that suit me... grr...

2002-07-20 15:10:24 ET

black goes with EVERYTHING !!!

2002-07-20 15:11:48 ET

well of course they'll be black! silly gurl :)

I mean, I just cant find a pair of pants that feel right. or fit right for that matter, damn weird body shape...

i got a hat, and probably the first hat i've ever liked the look of on me.

2002-07-20 15:28:32 ET

maybe make em yourself? can't get something right, do it yourself!

2002-07-20 15:31:23 ET

yeah but that takes ideas. and stuff. If I start working at value village, i'm sure i'll have alot more chances to find some sweet stuff. :) here's to hoping!

2002-07-20 15:44:41 ET

i go threw the same thing... can never decided what to wear!... now i feel like a drama queen...

2002-07-20 15:46:04 ET

haha. earlier i was modeling all my new winter schwag in front of the mirror. i need a full length though!

2002-07-20 15:52:09 ET

lol... thats adorable!

2002-07-20 15:52:46 ET

i got the softest, cutest little black fur coat! *beams*

2002-07-20 16:02:36 ET

bet it looks sexy on ya..

2002-07-20 16:04:11 ET

Get crafty. Sew your own pants.

2002-07-20 16:04:41 ET

yeah, with a bit of my belly showing so you can see my tattoo, my makeup still left on and blurry from yesterday, my hair all stringy from not being washed in the last 2 days, and my fedora topping it all off.

2002-07-20 16:07:52 ET

lol... oh ya

2002-07-20 16:08:59 ET

oh i'm sorry was i goin off on a tangent again. hehe...

2002-07-21 11:23:40 ET

yer a skinny boi....slap on some girls size 0 pants and call it a day. ;D

2002-07-21 11:26:03 ET

with these hips!! ha! i've got ladies size 8 leather riding pants, which fucking rule. but still. i dont even do them up for comfort reasons. (gurl pants have no crotch room! GAH!)

2002-07-21 11:34:58 ET

uhmmm...tuck it back...lol...sorry...no....hmmm don't know what to tell ya then. Don't have the hip problem girlfriend....just have issues finding tops that fit....damn milk sacks.*pouts*LOL

2002-07-21 11:48:13 ET

yeah, they're only attractive to a point. then they're just in the way. it's nice only having man boobs! lol

but it's funny you mention tucking it back, since that's what i do! serves as a dual purpose, since when i do that, and pull my underwear down a bit, my tattoo shows nicely.

I have trouble finding tops that fit because i'm a slender male with long arms, and no waist length. I just make do with alot of my form fitting shirts, most of my sleeves dont go all the way down.

2002-07-21 11:55:14 ET

Arg...I envy you men and your man boobs...so much more streamline!;p

Eh....don't know what to tell ya on this one. I think we've kinda reversed roles of the sexes. What ever is clean and passes the smell test gets thrown on. If I'm going out what ever looks decent and is comfy to dance in...goes on. Anything else is too much for a boi such as your self to bother with. :D

2002-07-21 12:03:12 ET

hahaha.. maybe you misunderstood then. All my clothes are basically the same, form fitting black shirts. just different materials. and a few little boys shirts for extra tightness. but really, nothign fancy! I just throw a shirt on, and go too. Good thing is, I dont smell, even if I do sweat. No armpit hair and being fit has it's good sides. wee! i just think we're both stuck in delicious androgeny. :D

your boobs are streamline-ish! just not quite as well as mine. You can use yours to get things, I cant use mine for anything.

2002-07-21 12:18:12 ET

very well then. As long as practicality is involved.:)

Even when I think I smell...I'm told I smell good....I guess I have pleasant pharamones...or something. Yay for not stinking! Yay for deleicious androgeny!:D

Hmmmm....men can manipulate me with their nipples. Then again I kinda have a fettish. hehe All part of being a Cancer I suppose. it's our errogenous zone. Wait....shouldn't be telling anyone this! Damn!

2002-07-21 12:22:49 ET

It's all about being sensible, and comfortable, but still managing to look good in the process. hehe...

I walked all day in my sweaty black clothes, and i convinced a gurl to smell my armpit, and she was like "woah, how the hell cant you smell!" hahah... that was great.

with their nipples? I've got small nipples. and they're ticklish.

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