2002-07-23 14:08:55 ET

off to ralph's whenever he's done cleaning his room. also, i think putting clothes on might help. outside clothes anyways, it's always so disgustingly bright out there!

I was hoping to go see my friend's band play tonight, but alas i'm too fucking poor for even that anymore.

I need a good snack.

2002-07-23 14:52:47 ET

Need Money? Go to every store in your town that has a coke machine and go in and say 'i lost a dollar (or 2) in your coke machine' then they'll give you your money back and before you know it, 10 or 15 bux easily..

2002-07-23 14:56:57 ET

lmao... i like you. that's a good one!

not sure if it will work, and i'm lazy, but thanks for the idea. if i get really stuck, i'll do it.

2002-07-23 14:58:49 ET

sure it works, ive eaten many times when I was starving by doing that... i'm a lil klepto/con-artist ~evil smile~

2002-07-23 15:01:52 ET

klepto can be bad, but then again it can be useful.

2002-07-23 15:03:14 ET

sure it can, its the poor chick (myself)'s way of getting essential things..hehe

2002-07-23 15:05:32 ET

hmm, wanan share the wealth? i spent my last buck on licorice. mmmm

2002-07-23 15:11:49 ET

mmmmmmmmmm i have 6 bux of change i 'forgot' to give back to my grandma, we can go for ice cream ^_^

2002-07-23 15:13:41 ET

ooh! or we can just go buy a big cheesecake from the grocery store... deelish!

2002-07-23 15:15:30 ET

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm cheesecake ~drools on self~ My mom took me out to the dixie cafe here, and i was like mm cheesecake, and i got a SLIVER of cheesecake for 4 bux, and it wasnt that good. I was very upset.

2002-07-23 15:16:58 ET

yeah, that sounds lame. now i want cheesecake, dammit!

i'm running away.

2002-07-23 15:18:22 ET

dont run away! hehe just go beg some people to get you some cheesecake, or pull the whole your pop machine ate my dollar trick and have your cheesecake!

2002-07-23 17:46:39 ET

If you want to get into the show, make friends with the bouncer by talking about how much you like the band, then after 15-20 minutes just tell him that you REALLY have to pee and run in. If the show is big enough, you'll lose him. Trust me...it works ;)

2002-07-23 18:32:18 ET

I have money....honey...and there is a cheesecake factory here...I will buy cheesecake for everyone!

2002-07-23 21:26:42 ET

hmm, gonna buy my plane ticket too? lol

2002-07-23 22:13:47 ET

as long as it is plane ticket that will send you to my front door..sure thing baby

2002-07-23 22:15:00 ET

well i wouldnt have you buy me a ticket to somewhere else! silly.

2002-07-23 22:18:32 ET

just checking

2002-07-24 08:17:13 ET

i think we all need to stop and have a good snack

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