2002-07-28 00:18:46 ET

well, i have some new pics, but i dont really feel like cutting them down in size right at the moment. but yeah, i might be going shopping again tomorrow. i'm such a value village whore!

2002-07-28 05:38:03 ET

Seeing those pics of blood and metal inside you would be interesting. ^_^

2002-07-28 08:13:10 ET

cut them down and post them. your adoring public awaits.

2002-07-28 08:27:56 ET

alrite alrite! i did it to one of the pics. it's in the gallery.

2002-07-28 08:28:47 ET

yay. nice lips.

2002-07-28 08:30:22 ET

thank you! i chew on them lots.

2002-07-28 08:31:10 ET

your welcome.
i chem on mine when i sleep and wakeup with a bloody mouth. not nice. be careful.

2002-07-28 08:32:39 ET

naw, it's a totally conscious thing. besides, chewing is yummy.

and so's blood for that matter...

2002-07-28 08:35:00 ET

eh i would rather not have my mouth in pain from chewing. ill stick to gum, not my cheeks and lips. ouch.

2002-07-28 08:36:14 ET

haha. i usually dont chew my mouth. i just eat the skin off my lips, doesnt hurt or anything.

i cant chew most gum. i cant stand aspartame.

2002-07-28 08:38:12 ET

ah i guess that would make it difficult. i consiously chew my lips and the corners of my mouth. its all scared up from braces.

2002-07-28 08:38:53 ET

i had headgear..... how horribly scarring on a child's mind!

2002-07-28 08:42:05 ET

that would be. i just had your basic, run of the mill braces. three years worth. yuck. i feel sorry for you when you had them. how old were you?

2002-07-28 08:42:40 ET

ack. i have to run. talk to you later.

2002-07-28 11:03:14 ET

Your my little value village whore!!!!! Hey I need your sizes, get yourself messured and I will send you up some cool shit! And I am all better from my wreck so I might come see you soon!!!!!

2002-07-28 11:07:36 ET

yay!!! i'll get my mom to do that! adam needs to see his annastacia...

2002-07-28 11:08:10 ET

Awweee *hugs* mewuvyou

2002-07-28 11:09:59 ET

*blush and smooch*

2002-07-28 11:16:44 ET

I am getting m tongue pierced again...mostly because I want to get pierced and dont know where to do it...so I will have 2 in my tongue now...yeah for my tongue!!!

2002-07-28 11:17:57 ET

i love tongue!

2002-07-28 11:21:51 ET

hahahahahaha!!! I will send you a pic tonight of the fresh product!!!

2002-07-28 14:08:08 ET

i send you picture of my fresh product! haah

2002-07-28 19:26:42 ET

Aww..I so jealous.

2002-07-28 20:02:08 ET

ROCK ON.....I love it when you are photogenic...hahahahaha

2002-07-28 21:01:53 ET

now all i need is a camera, and then...

2002-07-28 21:06:07 ET


2002-07-28 23:11:35 ET

exactly. but, as for now. no woohoo. cept when dennis and lui take pics of me.

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